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Are you looking for Brake Services for your vehicle?


When it comes to your driving safety, well-functioning brakes are absolutely indispensable. Expert technicians always include brake inspection as an important assessment during overall vehicle checks.

Looking for a “brake repairing garage Farnborough near me”? Then drop by at ALS Tyres, where our technicians conduct a thorough check and suggest a replacement if necessary. Drop by during business hours on working days for prompt assistance.

Why is brake maintenance necessary?

Brake failures are the root causes of several car handling issues and can therefore cause serious accidents.

The braking system is composed of several components that must work efficiently to stop or slow down a vehicle. The brake pads and discs create enough resistance to enable this action. However, each time a person presses down on the brake pedal, the discs slowly wear out.

Technicians at our brake repairing garage Farnborough suggest replacing the brake pads every 50,000-60,000 miles (depending on your driving- and braking habbits) to be on the safer side. We also offer thorough inspection of the braking fluid, brake rotors, discs and master cylinder.

Symptoms of a faulty car braking system

    • The yellow or red brake light on your car dashboard lights up.
    • On applying brakes, it creates a metallic squealing or grinding noise.
    • You will notice hydraulic fluid leaking from the master cylinder.
    • The brake pedal feels soft or spongy.
    • If the calliper or braking hose has issues, it may result in increased stopping distances.
    • Emergency braking causes your vehicle to bounce a little too much.

What might lead you to search for brake replacement services Farnborough?

    • Not conducting regular checks may cause the braking system to fail as you remain unaware of the issues with the brake fluid, pads or discs.
    • Excessive braking causes the brake pads to overheat and become hard and brittle.
    • Damaged rotors on the wheels cause the brake discs to wear out, making it difficult for your car to stop.
    • Leaking hydraulic fluid can contaminate braking components, leading to braking system failure.
    • Driving over mud or water lubricates rotor discs and brake pads, reducing friction and stopping power.

How can we help?

At our brake repairing garage Farnborough, we store OE-grade brake parts for all car makes and models. Our experts at ALS Tyres will first examine your car’s braking system and then suggest a replacement if necessary.

Call us for a booking or if you need more information. You can certainly also come to our workshop at any time during our working hours.

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