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It has been an EU mandate since 2012 to label tyres before their sales in EU countries as well as in the United Kingdom. A tyre label intends to inform the customers about the essential performance parameters, like braking performance on wet surfaces, fuel consumption and noise level.

ALS Tyres is a reputed one-stop-shop for car tyres Farnborough. We store tyres which comply with these mandates, across diverse price ranges – premium, mid-range and budget-friendly tyres.

How do you decode an EU tyre label?

It is essential that you know how to understand what the symbols in an EU tyre label denote, to plan your purchase as per your driving requirements.

For your convenience, we have decoded the EU tyre label for you.

    • Fuel efficiency: This is denoted with letters from A to G. ‘A’ rated tyres offer the best fuel economy by providing optimal rolling distance and are also marked in Green. In contrast, ‘G’ rated tyres offer lower fuel efficiency and are, thus, marked in red.

The difference in the output of A-rated tyres and G-rated tyres is nearly 7.5%.

    • Wet grip: This too ranges from A to G. A offers the best braking performance, with optimal traction and enhanced tyre service life. Moreover, these tyres are capable of rapid water evacuation and reduce the risks of hydroplaning. G, on the other hand, offers the worst wet grip.
    • Noise emission: EU tyre label represents noise levels with 3 sound bars. These 3 are explained below:
    • 1 wave bar: If a unit has a single sound bar, it denotes that the tyre delivers an optimised noiseless drive experience. These tyres are at least 3dB below the present protocols or upcoming regulations for at least 2 years.
    • 2 wave bars: This means that the unit in question is meeting the EU regulatory mandates comfortably.
    • 3 wave bars: If you are looking to buy car tyres Farnborough, ensure that it does not have 3 sound bars. These tyres fail to meet EU standards and result in a hefty fine.

Our facility has experienced technicians who make sure that all the tyres we stock meet the EU regulations' standards. This is to ensure complete safety and information disclosure about tyre performance for our clients.

If you have any problems understanding the EU tyre label, or need help deciding which tyres to buy, you can give us a call or come to see us to get your queries clarified.

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