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Installing tyres of the proper size on your vehicle is crucial for optimum handling performance and traction. Hence, automobile manufacturers invest a lot of time on research to decide the right fit of tyres for a particular car segment.

Thus, you must be aware of the specific tyre size recommended by your car manufacturer. However, understanding the alphanumeric code written on car tyres' sidewalls can be difficult for some. At ALS Tyres, we help our clients to understand the tyre size meaning so that they can make a proper buying decision.

Understanding tyre size

Let’s decode tyre size meaning with the help of an example.

205/60R15 91V


205 – This number denotes the tyre’s width and is expressed in millimetres.

Aspect ratio

60 – It is a tyre's aspect ratio or profile height.

Tyre construction type

R - This alphabet indicates a radial ply construction.

Rim diameter

15 – It denotes the rim diameter, expressed in inches.

Load index

91 – These two digits indicate the maximum load capacity of the tyre in question.

Speed index

V- It indicates the highest speed at which this particular tyre can be driven.

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