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Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli is a leading Italian tyre manufacturer, operational since 1872. The company specialises in premium car tyres for ultimate handling ability and comfort. These are capable of retaining stability and performance even in extreme driving conditions.

ALS Tyres houses an expansive inventory of a wide range of Pirelli tyres of all makes and models to cater to customers with diverse driving preferences.

We sell Pirelli tyres online as well

Want a new set of Pirelli tyres but cannot visit a garage for the same? Well, you needn’t fret as we sell these tyres online as well. Book a set online and then pay later at our garage after fitment.

Popular types of Pirelli tyres Farnborough

Winter Tyres: Pirelli puts top priority to ensure that its winter tyres offer enhanced grip and stability even on icy, slippery roads. Moreover, these have a deeper tread design, enabling minimised aquaplaning risks. Softer rubber material and wide tread blocks help to get optimum fuel efficiency and traction in sleet and snow.

Top winter Pirelli car tyres Farnborough are:

    • Cinturato Winter
    • P-Zero Winter

Summer Tyres: These tyres are manufactured with a harder rubber compound to enhance road grip and reduce braking distance. It plays a key role in minimising wear and tear, thus, extending a tyre’s service life. Moreover, Pirelli ensures these tyres have a specially developed tread design to deliver optimal efficiency in handling and stability in both dry and wet conditions.

Best-selling Pirelli tyres for the summers are:

    • P Zero Corsa
    • Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

High performance Tyres: High-performance tyres deliver a superlative driving experience in high-octane sports cars. Premium rubber material ensures these tyres have enhanced braking ability. Their design also provides extra stability and control even at high speeds.

    • P Zero Nero GT
    • P Zero PZ4

Run-flat (RFTs) Tyres: If you are looking for tyres that let you drive even after a blowout, run-flats are perfect for you. These are capable of carrying the weight of your vehicle even after a puncture without compromising stability and control.

The P-Zero™ is a popular choice among people searching for run-flat tyres near me.

All-season Tyres: If you plan to buy Pirelli tyres Farnborough to save expenses on seasonal re-fitting and buying seasonal sets, all-season tyres are your best option. These tyres offer optimum traction and stability on both dry and wet surfaces. Reinforced sidewalls and wide shoulder blocks enable optimal fuel-efficiency along with superior rolling resistance in moderate climatic conditions.

    • Scorpion AllTerrain Plus
    • Cinturato All Season Plus

4x4 Tyres: SUV or 4x4 tyres are an ideal solution for daily commuting requirements as well as off-road activities thanks to different models (Highway-, Mud-, or All-Terrain). These tyres have a strengthened tyre carcass and steel belts that help maintain their structure and deliver control and traction on any terrain. Enhanced groove designs ensure optimal surface contact.

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus is a preferred SUV Pirelli car tyre Farnborough.

Why ALS Tyres?

You can order your preferred set of tyres online on our website by providing the vehicle registration number or tyre size and within seconds you can find your ideal tyres.

Our experts are also here to help in selecting the perfect set of Pirelli tyres Farnborough for your vehicle. Do not hesitate to drop by at our facility at 20 Farnborough Road, Farnborough, GU14 6AY during our working hours to have a look at our inventory before making your purchase.

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