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Are you looking for 4X Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


Correctly balanced wheels make a considerable difference when it comes to driving comfort and longevity of various car components. ALS Tyres offers advanced wheel balancing Farnborough to maximise your driving safety. This process involves equalising the weight distribution of your car’s wheel and tyre assemblies with the use of eco-friendly counterweights. We also offer this check as standard practice every time we install new tyres or wheels on your vehicle.

So, if you are currently on the lookout for “wheel balancing garage near me”, ALS Tyres is your go-to place.

Signs of unbalanced wheels

Car owners are often oblivious to the unbalanced wheels of their vehicles. However, if you notice one or more of these symptoms, know that it is an indication that your car wheels require balancing:

Steering issues

Unbalanced wheels delay the response time of the steering wheel, which makes steering more difficult for you. As a result, you are unable to steer smoothly in a given direction. This hindrance is not just an inconvenience, but it is also dangerous for you and those around you on the road.

Unusual vibrations

Vibrations in the steering wheel are one of the earliest signs of unbalanced wheels. In fact, a small difference in weight on a wheel, as less as half an ounce, leads to a noticeable increase in vibrations. Furthermore, as the imbalance worsens, these vibrations increase and affect a car's entire cabin, including its floorboards and the front and rear seats.

Uneven tyre wear

Improper balance in your car’s wheels also induces abnormal wear and tear in its tyres. Your automobile faces an increased risk of having a flat tyre if the tyres continue to wear out abnormally. Additionally, a tyre can even thin to the point of spontaneous rupture. So, we suggest that you regularly inspect the tyre treads of your car to detect unbalanced wheels.

Poor fuel economy

The resistance created by unbalanced wheels exert more stress on your car’s engine. As a result, the engine is forced to work harder to keep the vehicle in motion. Therefore, it requires more fuel in order to sustain its operations under these circumstances. Consequently, your vehicle’s fuel economy gets affected.

Odd noises

Wheel imbalance may also cause a humming or buzzing noise, which is not otherwise present for balanced wheels. This sound stems from the vibration caused in the wheels or steering due to unbalanced wheels.

So, if your car is currently showing any of the above symptoms, we advise you visit us - your most reliable wheel balancing garage Farnborough.

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