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Continental Tyres

    Continental is a titan in the tyre industry, boasting more than 150 years of history. It manufactures tyres with premium handling and controlling abilities, alongside an excellent driving experience.

    ALS Tyres stocks an expansive inventory of Continental tyres Farnborough of all makes and models to cater to customers with various needs.

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    Visit our website to order a suitable tyre set for your vehicle by entering your car registration number or tyre size details. You can also schedule a fitting appointment with us at your convenience.

    Take a look at some of the popular Continental tyres we stock:

  • All-season Tyres: If you are looking to limit seasonal refitting expenses, all-season tyres from Continental are a go-to deal. These have premium Traction Silica Compound, ensuring superlative braking ability on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • AllSeasonContact

  • Summer Tyres: Continental manufactures these tyres with a harder rubber compound, enabling superior traction with optimal surface contact. It helps in achieving better mileage and reduced wear and tear.
  • Sports Contact 6

  • Winter Tyres: These Continental car tyres Farnborough are manufactured with enhanced tread design and superior soft rubber material, speeding up hydroplaning resistance and better economy. These tyres are also manufactured with a Green Chilli technology that reduces CO2 emissions and increases their service life.
  • Conti-Winter Contact TS830

  • 4x4 Tyres: SUV or 4x4 tyres are a popular choice among people searching for “tyres near me” for tyres with superior braking and controlling even on challenging terrains. These tyres include reinforced sidewalls and rigid centre ribs to handle vehicle weight with ease in demanding conditions. We have Highway-Terrain, All-terrain and Mud-Terrain models available.
  • ContiCrossContact A/T

  • Run-flats Tyres: These are a common preference among those looking for enhanced safety in case of punctures. Continental’s ContiSeal technology self-seals the affected area with viscous sealant. It allows you to drive for nearly 50 miles at 50 mph to help you reach a workshop without difficulty.
  • PremiumContact 6

  • Performance Tyres: These tyres are for high octane enthusiasts. Performance tyres from Continental offer precision and control for every manoeuvre and cornering, even at high speeds. Increased agility and effective traction make it popular among people looking to buy Continental car tyres Farnborough for their sports cars.
  • CrossContact RX

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