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Tyres with the correct inflation pressure can improve our vehicle’s steering, stopping and gripping control. That is why keeping your car tyres inflated to the manufacturer-specified pressure level is recommended by all automakers. The correct amount of air pressure offers high tyre durability and contributes to vehicle safety.

At ALS Tyres, we offer free tyre pressure check Farnborough. You don’t need to schedule an appointment to avail of this check. Head over to our facility to get accurate, free tyre pressure checks during working hours.

Common causes of inaccurate car tyre pressure

Car tyres gradually lose some amount of air pressure every month. Mostly, 1-3 pounds per square inch (PSI) loss of pressure in a month might seem not worth considering. However, even a minute loss of tyre pressure can negatively impact your vehicle’s handling efficiency.

Some of the reasons behind incorrect tyre pressure are listed below.

    • Accidental tyre puncture.
    • Ambient temperature drop during the winter season.
    • Defective TMPS valve.
    • Damaged rims.
    • Presence of micro cracks in the tyre’s inner layer.
    • A defective TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

Importance of accurate tyre pressure

Do check your car tyres’ pressure once in two weeks because maintaining them has multiple benefits to the vehicle and your safety. The importance of accurate tyre pressure has been discussed below.

Offers safety

Under-inflated tyres are the most common reasons of a sudden tyre blowout. As a result, it can lead to lack of control and handling. Correctly inflated tyres, on the other hand, ensure your driving safety and control.

Increases longevity

Tyres that have been perfectly inflated up to correct levels are likely to last much longer. Over and under-inflated tyres reduce the cushioning power, thus leading to insufficient traction.

Improves handling

Correct air pressure in your car tyres can improve the grip, steering, and braking abilities, thus providing an optimum driving experience.

Increases fuel economy

Inaccurate tyre pressure stresses your vehicle’s engine. As a result, it requires more fuel to keep operating, increasing fuel consumption up to 5%. You can avoid such circumstances with a routine free tyre pressure check Farnborough at our facility.

In case you are on the lookout for a “tyre pressure check near me”, look no further and drive down to our garage to avail of an accurate and free tyre pressure check Farnborough.

Technicians at our facility will first check the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle from the tyre placard or owner’s manual, and then they will re-inflate or deflate the tyre as per the requirements. Reach out to us to enjoy a hassle-free driving experience.

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