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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?


Facing some issues with your vehicle’s TPMS sensors?

Fret no more and come down to ALS Tyres today.

Your vehicle's Tyre Pressure Monitoring System works with dedicated TPMS sensors, engineered to notify you in real-time about inadequate tyre pressure which can severely jeopardise your car handling experience. It helps you to take the necessary precautions and avert tyre-related road accidents. Therefore, if you come across any symptom of mal-functioning TPMS, avail of professional assistance without any delay.

ALS Tyres is one of the reliable names when it comes down to offering advanced TPMS servicing Farnborough. We have a team of trained experts who use modern equipment to resolve any TPMS related issue of all car models.

Types of TPMS sensors Farnborough

Based on the technology implemented, TPMS sensors are classified into two categories, as mentioned below:

Direct TPMS

If your car has direct TPMS, the electronic control unit (ECU) will directly record the tyre pressure data from the vehicle’s tyre valves with four respective TPMS sensors.

Indirect TPMS

If your car's wheel is equipped with indirect TPMS, the ECU will present approximate tyre pressure data by registering and analysing the values from the ABS wheel speed sensors.

However, irrespective of the system installed in your car, a TPMS warning light will illuminate in the dashboard if the air pressure in your vehicle's tyres falls below 25% from the optimal recommended range.

At ALS Tyres, we can efficiently conduct direct or indirect TPMS replacement Farnborough using genuine OE-grade spares.

How often do you need TPMS servicing Farnborough?

Like any other vehicle component, a TPMS sensor is also subjected to wear and tear from constant use. Furthermore, factors like severe physical impact, odd vibrations, extreme temperature, and corrosion can hamper a TPMS sensor's efficiency to record correct data, thus leading to false alarms. Also, the dedicated battery of your vehicle's TPMS sensor can get damaged way before the end of its service life.

Under such circumstances, it is recommended to avail of a TPMS senor replacement Farnborough once every 5 years or after 100,000 miles. Further, it is also essential to check/re-adjust the TPMS sensors and valves every time you replace your vehicle's tyres for enhanced safety. This will ensure that the TPMS sensors are functioning properly and providing you with correct tyre pressure alerts.

Why choose us?

If you are still searching for TPMS replacement near me, put an end to it and come down to us.

Since there are multiple reasons why the TPMS sensor can show false positives, we will first thoroughly inspect the system to identify the crux of the issue and accordingly decide the course of action.

Further, TPMS replacement is an extremely intricate process, and our experts possess all the professional understanding to conduct it safely and accurately.

Therefore, look no further and schedule your appointment today by calling us on 012525 47575.

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